Living a life of THANKFULNESS ❤ Casts away: Bitterness. Anger. Irritation. Discontentment. Arrogance. Encourages: Forgiveness. Grace. Joy. Love. Kindness. Humility. Thanking God for the blessings is easy. Living a life of THANKFULNESS goes much deeper. It is thanking God for the HURT. The BETRAYALS. The LONELINESS. It is acting out LOVE towards those who have DESTROYED. CHOOSING to be THANKFUL  is CHOOSING to TRUST IN GOD. … More Thankful.

Happy Hearts

What makes my heart the happiest… I will whistle. Sing. Or Play and old hymn or chorus. In less than two minutes later I hear my husband either hum or whistle the same tune. A joyful tune. God’s tune. Hearing praises to God in the heart of my husband is the greatest gift.. It is … More Happy Hearts

Small is the Gate

What media do we allow into our lives.. TV. Movies. Advertisements. Music. So much of todays media is saturated with FILTH. Sex. Drugs. Cursing. Violence. ETC. Sadly most of Christian culture watches it. Listens to it. + Pays to have it in their house. In a desperate attempt to fit in.. We have become comfortable … More Small is the Gate


Lord make me PLAIN. So that I might be BEAUTIFUL. “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment. Rather it should be the UNFADING BEAUTY of a GENTLE + QUIET spirit. Which is of great worth in Gods eyes.” 1 Peter 3