Bad Angles

68dddde9059872ba550fdce986f28de9    15 June 2013

Women strive to be beautiful and perfect every camera angle. Thankfully God does not put weight on how beautiful I am.
Or does He?

Beautiful angles from God’s perspective:

  • My Personality
  • My Attitude
  • My Mind
  • My Motives
  • My Interests
  • My Words
  • My Actions
  • My Heart

If you catch me on the right day. I can come across as a good person. BUT. Maybe that’s just an Angle?

If you turned me
Upside Down. Inside Out.
Poked. Prodded.
Would you still have the same perspective?

I propose we stop practicing our angles. + Diligently seek out what beauty God has planned for us. May God help us to care more for the content of our Heart. Than the shape of our hair. May God help us become TRULY BEAUTIFUL FROM EVERY ANGLE.

Your Beauty should not come from outward adornment. Rather is should be that of your inner self. The unfading Beauty of a Gentle + Quiet Spirit. Which is of great worth in Gods sight. 1 Peter 3


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