In His Arms I’ll Fly


24 May 2010
High school was fun but I can not say I will miss it. So many amazing memories with incredible people. Numerous opportunities to grow, learn and stretch each horizon. I have learned to love, be a friend and appreciate every moment.

Most of all..
I’ve learned to let go.
I’ve learned to depend upon myself + God only. My God never changes + I will trust in him to hold my future. To guide my days.

He has brought me through each disappointment, heartache, loneliness and failure. In the deepest valley, I can find him there. On the highest mountain he provides my joy. He has shared in my brightest moments and been there every step of the way. As one door closes. He opens another. Always providing a way.

I smile at the future because I know my God is in it. He has already prepared each day for me and my complete trust, in Him ALONE, is my comfort. He is my future and I will live to bless Him ♥


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