My Mother’s Heart

My Mother's Heart

This is my mom.
She is my best friend.
She holds a most special place in my heart.
I love her.

I brag about our relationship.. Because the friendship we have today is A GIFT FROM GOD.

My mother has..

  • Pursued me. Even when I was undeserving.
  • Gave me space. Even when her heart was panicking.
  • CONSISTENTLY directed me towards CHRIST! Even when the outcomes were not to her benefit.
  • Allowed me to be an adult. Make my own decisions.
  • Been there to encourage + comfort when my decisions came crashing down on me.
  • Showed me what a Godly woman should look like. Seeking God before any earthly matter.

My mom is a spectacular woman. I am so thankful that God gave her to me. I can’t wait to spend eternity with her. Talking to our Lord and thanking Him for giving me such a wonderful friend.


One thought on “My Mother’s Heart

  1. You have brought tears to my eyes, and a lump in my throat……I too look forward to spending eternity with you. Some day I may share my prayers in some of our most trying and hurting times….I can’t thank our Father enough for “opening up the eyes of your heart” so that you could see clearly. I LOVE YOU, DEONDRA!

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