Gods Timing.


We hand over our cares to God. It brings great peace. To forgive + let go.

We give the situations. Hearts. Worries. + Hurts to God. We wait to watch His healing unfold. In complete faith that He will answer our prayers!

Then nothing happens. We have peace. Yet no resolution.

We know God has been listening. We know He cares. We know He desires healing, even much more than we do!

So alright God.. Bring the healing.

Oh, but there is silence. We so often forget that God sees the bigger picture. We forget the He knows the situations needs far better than we do.

God doesn’t always bring immediate changes. Sometimes He allows our hearts to marinate. He allows our hearts to grow. He allows our hearts to draw closer to Him among the chaos.

We should trust Gods in everything. Even His timing. His timing is perfect

Be still and know that I AM GOD – Psalms

One thought on “Gods Timing.

  1. Can’t help but think of my sister Lisa…..she had really liked the song “In His Time…..God makes all things beautiful In His time…..(right before her untimely death.) Still get a lump, big lump in my throat when I hear the song. Time can seem like an eternity….but as you write…this is where the healing comes….and sometimes it takes a LONG time….But God tells us ” To be still….and let him fight the battle”….such peace in His words.

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