My Flaws.


I am an independent soul. I do not like being told what to do. How to do it. Where to be. Or how I should be. I do not liked being pushed into things. I am an adult + fully capable of making my own decisions.

I have a feeling this is a negative characteristic of mine. I have yet to fully confront it.

I have learned to shut out my reactions when unearned authority chimes in. Unless it becomes continuous. Then I have issues and tend to take action. As reasonably as I can think to. Until the situation becomes unreasonable.. Then I feel trapped. And become desperate.

I often wonder how my independent attitude comes across to others. If they find me rude. Disobedient. Unfriendly.

Lord Help me to see the areas You would have me improve. Open my eyes to how my independence is perceived by others. Mold me to be Your light. May Your character permeate my personality. Amen.

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