Pushing Out The Bad.

Pushing Out The Bad.

I opened the cupboard. Boxes and spices fell all over the counter.

I had a crazy, non-stop week. You know how they go. I was asked to work extra hours. Gladly I accepted! Unfortunately I had to go grocery shopping afterwards. It was a physical + mental strain. Especially since I was running on low. I could slowly feel my blood begin to simmer + irritation was building. I came home to cook dinner. Risotto. Mushrooms. Broccoli. +Water Chestnuts. While in the spice and snack cabinet.. the spices began to tumble. I SNAPPED! I shoved those snack and spices. Crushed the boxes that fell on me. Slammed the cupboard door + walked away. I showed them!

When I opened that cabinet today.. I saw the left overs of my anger.

What do we leave behind when we are angry. Frustrated. Irritated. Tired…. Messy cabinets? Mean words? Broken hearts? Hurt feelings?

Some times we have to RUN away from our feelings! When spices start to fall on us.. Walk away. Calm down. Let the feelings go.

Before you make an even bigger mess.


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