The Great Shepherd

The Great Shepherd

This picture really moves me.

Sometimes life is…. Draining. It often seems like we are constantly climbing up a subtle hill. A subtle hill that seems bearable.. Until days. Weeks. + Months of climbing it.

How did we get on this hill? Did God place us here? Possibly. Or it is possible we wandered onto it in our own way.

One thing I know!!

Wherever you are in life. Whatever hill you are on. Weather God placed you there. Or you found the hill yourself…

He stands on the hill with you. Looking out over the horizon. Waiting for you to say.. “Lord.. Please lead me to level ground. I need Your peace. I need Your comfort. I need Your rest.”


One thought on “The Great Shepherd

  1. Thank you for sharing….not sure it the uphill or downhill is worse…but so thankful for a God who is beside us if we are His!

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