Busy Minds

Busy Minds

Sometimes the mind is our own worst enemy. Taking situations. Twisting + spinning them. Over and over. Obsessing. Often engulfing our hearts in doubt. Insecurity. Worry. Frustration. Self-Pity. Confusion. Sadness. Hurt.

God says..
Cast your cares on the Lord + He will sustain you. He will never let the righteous be shaken! Psalm 55.22

WOW. Give God the contents of your mind. The worries. Doubts. Uncertainty. Fears.

In return He will stabilize our thoughts. He will give peace. Assurance. + Courage.

Stop torturing yourself. Wipe clean your worries. Cover your hearts + minds in blankets of God’s promises. Find stability for your soul. A stability that allows you to enjoy what you once could not.


One thought on “Busy Minds

  1. Beautifully said….Oh, how we forfeit PEACE in our life because we allow these thoughts, and torture ourselves! Thanks Dee.

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