Things I Value


It is a great sadness when people need to put a facade in order to feel accepted. I love people. Including the flaws + imperfections. I greatly value a sincere person. Choosing to be the sincerest you… Is the most freeing decision a person can make.

Without honesty a relationship is nothing. Fake. + Of little value. As Christians.. It is our job to stand up for what is right. Even if our words must become blunt and bold. We are not here to conform.. But to bring TRUTH. To push one another towards Christ in every possible way.

I am a bit OCD. Most people hoard. I throw things away.. It makes me feel better. To purge the unnecessary. If I ever am having a bad day.. I come home and organize. Clean out the closet. Cupboards. Drawers. + Under the bed. IT IS MY THERAPY. I value organization.

I consider myself blessed to have many wise people in my life. I value these people.. I go to them with my problems + worries. They listen. TRULY LISTEN. + Give me honest. Sincere advice. They point me to Christ.. In every situation.

I enjoy a quiet. + Simple life. Nothing bothers me more than people who intrude and cause drama. I reserve the right to enjoy a night at home with no interruptions. If I choose to not answer the phone or the emails… SO be it. That is my choice.

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