A Beautifully Broken Wife

One conviction. + The lack of words. Ripped the foundation I stood out from under me.

I remember the anger. The sadness. The confusion. The unbearable hopelessness. I remember falling to the ground cripple by despair. Void of hope. Uncertain of myself. + My husband.

Satan took advantage of my vulnerability. He pushed me away from God and isolated me from my husband. + I let him. He spoke so many lies and doubts into my heart. Satan was my source. + I listened to him.

THANKFULLY. I have a husband who spoke truth to me. He pointed me towards CHRIST. For that, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL. Everyday he saw through the anger. + The hate. He saw my broken heart. He was there to pick up the broken pieces. + Love me.

My husband is a sinner.. Just like me. My husband needs forgiveness.. Just like me. I have to be a wife who extends grace. + Encouragement. Instead of hate. + Anger.

God has given me hope again. I love my husband. Imperfections + all. He is my future. I pray everyday that God brings us closer together.

May the strings of our hearts be bound tighter. May the roots of our love drive deep into your soil. Amen.


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