No Success

This world may deem us successful. We want nothing to do with it. We deserve no credit. God ALONE is worthy of praise for any accomplishments in our lives. Without Him we are + have nothing. Our success is in the Lord. All GLORY + HONOR to Him! Lord. THANK YOU. For the diligence + … More No Success


One Year

This has been one of the worst years of my short life. Marriage is HARD. God has allowed many trials. We have walked through storm + fire. Hate + heartache. I KNOW God is shaping us. Breaking our hearts. + REMOLDING them into His own beautiful creation. I am certain many trials lay ahead. But … More One Year

Deeper Roots

Our marriage is a tree. Newly planted. Small. Weak. + Desperate to survive. Storms come. We are blown about. Branches torn. Leaves. + Beauty lost. We question our existence. + Our worth. Small. + Weak now. But every Godly choice makes us stronger. Our roots drive deeper. Clinging to Gods everlasting foundation. Our branches heal. … More Deeper Roots


He is strength. She is beauty. Sometimes she denies his strength. Sometimes he denies her beauty. It is sad + unfortunate. But it doesn’t make him any less strong. Or her any less beautiful. The truth is. He needs her. Just as much as she needs him. HE needs her beauty. Comfort. Joy. Love. SHE … More HE & SHE


Mamma always said.. Worry about yourself. It is easy to see how others can improve. But it is not our job to fix people. All we can do is be responsible for our self. + Lord knows that is a big job. As for me and me house we will serve the Lord

Satan Lies

Here’s breaking news.. SATAN LIES TO US. About our beauty. Our capabilities. Our relationships. Everything. He does whatever it takes to bring us down. Satan plants seeds of confusion. Doubt. Insecurity. Hate. Sadness. Destruction. + Whispers our greatest fears straight to our heart. When Satan throws his lies at us. We MUST separate the truth … More Satan Lies


To My Future Children.. Between you + me. The more you whine. The more I will ignore you. I do not see the need to repeat myself. No means no. That is something you will be wise to learn early on. I will listen. Understand. + Be encouraging. NO DOUBT. But I have a very … More Grumbling