Little Weed


I found this on a loose paper in my Bible.

“I picked a weed poking up through the crack of bricks. Poking up through the pathway in front of our apartment. I held this weed in my fingers. And I REALIZED. God made this little weed. I am touching…

This little weed is His CREATION! + I saw the beauty in that little weed. It was beautiful. Holding that little weed in the midst of a concrete city… I felt close to God. I felt Him holding my hand. I felt the warmth of the sun. I saw the shadow it cast behind that little weed. + I knew… Gods creation is so much bigger than me.”

Stop. Look around you. The ground below you. The sky above you.


Every ounce of Gods love is stitched into His creation. It is whispering… “You are not alone. You are loved. + I am with you.”

Thank You Lord for Your magnificent creation. You love overwhelms my soul!


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