Small is the Gate


What media do we allow into our lives..
TV. Movies. Advertisements. Music.

So much of todays media is saturated with FILTH. Sex. Drugs. Cursing. Violence. ETC.

Sadly most of Christian culture watches it. Listens to it. + Pays to have it in their house. In a desperate attempt to fit in.. We have become comfortable around Satan. + Willingly walk down his slippery slope.

Wide is the gate + broad the road that leads to destruction. But small is the gate + narrow the road that leads to life. And only a few find it. Matthew 7

I propose we start being mindful of the FILTH surrounding us. + Purposefully choose what media we let into our lives.

Satan is the greatest marketer. He ensnares. + LITTLE BY LITTLE. He PURPOSEFULLY devours our souls.

We must PURPOSEFULLY fight back.
+ Show Satan that God Almighty is LORD OF OUR LIVES.


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